Only Early Learning Centre has over 50 Policies and Procedures to help guide the actions of all individuals involved in the service. They ensure and endorse the well-being of all families, children, staff, volunteers and everyone who is connected to the service.

Policies and procedures help all staff and families to familiarise themselves with the service’s practices and gives them information about what to expect from the service. All of our Policies are ongoing and ever changing documents that are regularly reviewed to ensure that they meet the needs of those involved in the service, and take into account the possible changes that will happen in the service and within the wider community.

If you or your family have any feedback, comments or questions regarding any of our Centre Policies, please use the below review form.

Parent, Guardian and Family Handbook

Family Handbook

Illness and Medication Handbook

Centre Illness & Medication Practices

Important Centre Policies regarding Parents, Families and Guardians

Family Code of Conduct

Immunisation Policy

Child Arrival and Departure Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Family Orientation and Enrolment Policy

Important Centre Policies regarding Children

Safe Sleeping Policy.docx

Child Protection Procedures Policy

Childrens Clothing Policy

Dental Health Policy

Centre Health and Hygiene Policy

Sun Safety Policy

Baby and Infant Feeding Policy

Transition Policy

Food and Beverage Policy

Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy

Nappy Change and Toileting Policy

Child Safe Physical Enviroment Policy

Supervision Policy

Inclusion Policy

Important Centre Policies regarding Only Early Learning Centre 

Excursion and Incursion Policy

Trainee Handbook and Policy

Assessment and Rating Policy

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures Policy

Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Handbook

Volunteers, Students and Visitors Policy

Staff Member Code of Conduct

Record Keeping Policy

Use of Chemicals Policy

Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Professional Development Policy

Mental Health Policy

Recruitment and Induction of Staff Policy



Policy and Procedure Review