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Find a Nearby Only ELC Centre Today

Finding the right early learning centre for your family can be difficult. It’s essential to choose somewhere that works for everybody, in regards to the physical location, the experiences offered within and, above all, the vibe you get from the team and children there.

At ONLY ELC, we welcome you to visit one of our early learning centres so you can meet our team and view the learning environment.

Every child, every centre

No matter which Only ELC you choose, you can feel confident that children are central to everything we do. This means your entire family will be treated with respect and care. We take the wellbeing of every child seriously, and all of our team members are passionate about caring for and educating children.

As part of our vision to give children the best possible start in life, we are dedicated to ensuring they have every opportunity to grow, learn and develop. That’s why we actively engage each child’s interests and help them learn through play.